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  • How to choose the best campgrounds?

    If you want to go camping, then it’s very important to understand how you can select the right campgrounds. These locations are great for visiting the outdoors and just relaxing, while also having a direct connection to nature. But you do have to wonder, how can you pick the best campgrounds? Here are some tips and tricks to help you!


  • Pets for tiny homes

    If you just built or purchased a tiny home, then you want to move in and just enjoy your life with you and your loved ones. But what happens if you have pets? Do pets and tiny homes mix well, or is there a problem? As you can imagine, this is very subjective, and there are plenty of reasons behind it. The size of your tiny home and its structure will matter more than you imagine. It’s still possible to have pets in a tiny home, but you will have issues if the space is indeed too small.


  • Work space in a tiny home?

    Is it possible to create your own small office in a tiny home? Absolutely, with a bit of tinkering and creativity, you will have no problem establishing a fun, yet productive working space. It might take a bit of experimentation to do it right, but it’s definitely worth it, and you will find that it works seamlessly. We are here to offer a few tips on how to achieve that result!


  • What are the benefits of installing a solar power system?

    If you want to go off the grid, then you need to find a system that offers you all the energy you need. That’s where solar power comes into play. Relying on solar energy is very important, it can bring in front great benefits, and it will also help convey a sense of value and quality all the time. In this article we will cover some of the top benefits of solar power and why should you install your own solar system for your camping experience.